Spring Cleaning

We’ve just made three small changes to our filebase and download area.

As you may have already noticed, we’ve been quite busy over the last days and weeks to manually transfer all the content from the old TrainzDepot website to our filebase here to unite all content in one location. That includes many assets which don’t even work correctly in current Trainz versions.

We have decided to host them regardless of that, since we, as much as you, absolutely hate content suddenly vanishing from the internet. Sometimes you just want to use an older version of the game again, be it for nostalgica or to dig out an old project of yours. However, to prevent confusion, we have sorted the affected downloads into the new download archive category. Content that functions correctly in newer versions of the game will be sorted into the appropriate main categories over time. The “report” function can be used if you find content in the archive that works correctly in newer versions of the game to leave us a comment so that we may sort it into the correct category faster.

Additionally, we’ve made improvements to how download entries will display the compatibility with TRS19 and whether they are available on the DLS or not. The tags which are responsible for showing this information have been modified and supplied with symbols to make their meaning clear immediately. Finally, no more “Yes, Yes, TS12” (does this mean it works in TRS19!?) anymore!

Last but not least, we also removed the automatically created support topics. If you now ask yourself what that even was then this was a good decision: new filebase entries will no longer automatically create a new thread that clutters the “recent activity” menu without providing much meaningful information. After all, those support topics only ever saw a very limited use. As such, we have disabled the creation of new ones and deleted all empty support topics. In the future, if you encounter an issue with a download available on our filebase, simply create a new topic manually in the appropriate forum, stating your issue.

Happy Trainzing,

Your TrainzDE-Team