TRS19 Service Pack 2 Beta available

A beta version of the second service pack for TRS19 is now available for all TRS19 users. Please note that this is not yet a final version of the update, as is usual with beta versions you should save your Trainz installation and the database folder beforehand or, at best, use a separate beta installation for testing instead of blindly installing beta updates on your main installation.

Depending on which version of TRS19 you are currently using you have to select a different "update stream" when installing the beta update:

TRS19 Standard: Select "TRS19 Beta" stream (1.5 GB update) [Trainz Build 105096]
TRS19 Platinum Edition: Select "TRS19 Platinum Edition Beta" stream (1.5 GB update) [Trainz Build 105100]

Trainz Plus: Select "Trainz Plus Beta" -Stream [Trainz Build 106618]

Regardless of your current Trainz Version this up


- (TRS19 Std) Content Store added to better manage your DLCs (Platinum Edition and Trainz Plus have had this for a while)

- (TRS19 Std / Plat) Trainz Content Creator Program v2 Support (only relevant for DLC beta testers and creators of payware content)

- (Plus) Find-and-replace tool can automatically place textures under selected splines (e.g. track ballast)

- (Plus) Effect layers can be automatically placed on selected textures (e.g. TurfFX on grass textures)

- (all) When editing effect layers (TurfFX / Clutter) there is now a preview window where you can see your changes better
- (all) "Get Effect Layer" tool added

- (all) updates for build-in content

- (all) Trainz-Build 4.7

-> (all) new file format for route files: routes and sessions created here are incompatible with older TRS19 versions!

Happy Trainzing!

Original post on the Auran forums