Black Friday Sale 2020

At the moment there are quite a few offers to get hold of in the official Trainz store for the Black Friday sale.

For example, for those who don't yet have TRS19 the standard edition is available for just € 21, or, our recommendation, the Platinum Edition for around € 30. Click

Most DLCs are discounted by 75%, so even expensive routes can be picked up for around € 8.50.

(Personal recommendation from the author: if you're interested in Russian/Ukranian rail transport, you can also get to Andrushivka - Vinnitsa very cheaply)

For the first time in a long time, First Class tickets are on sale again, although the discounts here are slightly smaller than with the DLCs. If you want to top up on your annual ticket, you can do this for around € 17.

Don't forget the Reward Pointz window at the bottom right. You can also save with them, e.g. $ 5 from $ 19 (~ 16 €) purchase value, $ 10 from $ 29 (~ 25 €) or $ 20 from $ 39 (~ 33 €). The discounts can be purchased through the Reward Pointz window when you have collected enough points. You will then receive a discount code that you can enter before the payment process. According to N3V, the discounts of the current sale can be combined with this.

The TrainzDE team wishes you lots of fun with saving