TRS19 Service Pack 2 available for all users

The second service pack for TRS19 is now officially available to all users on all platforms.
If you use Steam, the update should be installed automatically. All other users will receive a message when starting the game that updates are available and then just have to follow the instructions to install them.

This introduces the following changes:

For everyone

SP2 fixes the bug in tunnel portals that started flying in the past, e.g. on the high-speed route from Schwäninger Land. If no attempt was made to correct the error, the problem should now be resolved. However, if you tried to make improvements, you may have to put in some manual again (hopefully for the last time).

Furthermore, much of the content that is part of the main game has received updates and over 100 new objects have been added to the built-in content free of charge for all users.

In addition, multiplayer should now finally be possible between all users who have updated to SP2, provided they all have the same version of the route and session (and objects built on it) they would like to use in multiplayer.

For users of the standard version or the regional editions (Platinum and Plus users have had this for a while already)

DLCs are now available via the separate "Content Store" downloader which can be accessed from the launcher. This is now clearer, DLCs are no longer divided into small packages and can finally be uninstalled again in a simple way.

In the future, DLCs appearing exclusively for TRS19 SP2 and up, download should install and be available in the game much faster. Responsible for this is a new file format for DLC downloads which is now supported. In addition everyone should now be able to use TCCP (Trainz Content Creator Program) V2.0 without any problems who test DLC content for Trainz Developing or DLCs for other creators, but this is probably not that interesting for must users here.