Trainz News - 28/02/2019

In the last newsletters, Trainz PLUS was mentioned multiple times which is a feature that is part of the gold subscription.

Trainz Plus is basically a early-access for new game features that are at some point going to be part of a future Trainz version that can be optionally activated for testing.

N3V named a long list of possible features, including adding a lot more parameters to the vehicle physics calculation, integrating the editor straight into driver mode, more animated objects in the game environment, support for custom input devices and more that sounds like big ambitions.

How much of this is actually gonna make it in the next years? Who knows. Currently only known is that the first pack with early access features is supposed to provide the first steps to VR support and a native way to import real-world terrain data into the game.

Obviously, this move has sparked many discussions, but no worries, the usual functionality and bug fixing updates will continue to be available for all TRS19 owners. Trainz PLUS only offers an additional way to test some future features right as they are being implemented into the game for a fee, but in no way it will ever be nessescary to actually use this.

Furthermore, N3V has improved the stability of their DLS servers to hopefully cause less disruptions in the future and everyone who had an active FCT while the servers had connection issues has recieved a free extension of their running FCT for 7 more days.