Train Simulator 2021 (not Trainz!) available for 1€

Even though we are mainly a Trainz forum, we also think take a look at other train simulators from time to time.

On HumbleBundle, a platform where you can buy games at low prices and also do something good for charity, Train Simulator 2021 from Dovetail Games is now available from just one euro. If you pay more, you will also receive additional vehicle DLCs. These are nothing special, as they are all quite old and have no special functions, and the routes on which they could realistically be used are not included in the package.

All content is issued as a product key for the platform Steam. How much you really pay is freely selectable, including where your money ultimately goes. You can either use the given charity or choose your own from a long list.

Link to the bundle:…ain-sim-expedition-bundle

Forum thread: Train Simulator im Humble Bundle (Steam)

  • ...ob das dann noch ein günstiges Angebot ist, wenn man mehr oder weniger alles einzeln kaufen sollte / muss?

    Ich habe den damals aktuellen Trainsimulator zu Weihnachten 2011 für nicht einmal 5 Euro erworben, welcher bisher immer kostenlos auf die aktuellste Version geupdatet wurde.

    Das war ein Angebot!