Trainz Simulator 3 - Trainz on the go

Trainz Simulator 3 has been available for Android and iOS devices, both mobile phones and tablets, for a little over a week now. With this version based on TRS19 there finall has been a new release to play on the go which supports both common operating systems after a long time.

The new version can be purchased for € 7.99 and contains 4 different routes with 25 sessions and vehicles. The vehicles included are already familiar models from the PC version, the well-known Kickstarter County 2 is available for tutorials, the other 3 routes are new. One of them is a route through the Rocky Mountains which is very reminiscent of the "Canadian Rocky Mountains" route from TRS19, a diesel route in the Australian outback and a fictional European high-speed route, which is a wild mix of railway elements from Great Britain, Sweden and Italy, are also available.

You need a reasonably modern device to play, as the graphics of the new version are quite demanding. Phones can get very warm very quickly. In addition, 4GB of free memory is required for installation. Generally, 7th generation or higher iPhones and 5th generation or higher iPads are supported, but the full list can be found here. With Android devices, the Play Store gives good information about whether the game can work on your device or not.

In the current version, the game only offers an English language option and no route editor. Support for additional languages and the addition of a route editor, multiplayer and more are planned for the future.

All further information and the links to the app stores can be found on the TS3 main page: