Content from 3DZug available for Mobile Trainz under the new "ProTrain" label

As start into the last month of the year you can now enjoy the ICE 4 (BR 412) from 3DZUG for Trainz Simulator 3 (TS3).

3DZUG, known from some Trainz Railroad Simulator and Train Simulator 2022 add-ons, is now producing trains under the "ProTrain" series and at least one route for the mobile version of Trainz.

The ICE 4 from 3DZUG can be purchased in the in-app store in TS3 in two versions: the single version with one session and the default red ICE livery and the bundle version with different livery variations and four sessions. The modern high-speed train operated by Deutsche Bahn can reach 265 km / h.

The British Class 68 diesel locomotive is also available in five liveries for TS3.

There is still little information available about the route that is currently under development. All that is known is that its located in Germany and should appear in the first quarter of 2022.

All information about the Trainz Simulator 3 extensions from 3DZUG will be available on the ProTrain website in the future.