Trainz.DE goes live

a warm welcome to Trainz.DE, the new main page of the german Trainz community!

As the Trainz.DE- (and former TrainzDepot-) team we look back onto a long time in the Trainz community.

Most people here (hopefully) still remember the TrainzDepot. The TrainzDepot has changed faces quite a few times in its 16 years of existance but in the middle of january... suddenly all the lights turned off.

We had planned to introduce new things to TrainzDepot for a while, for example we wanted to become more active bringing you the news from all over the world of Trainz quicker, connect better with social networks and add a new system for news on our website.

We only wanted to change to a newer and faster server for that to be able to offer you an even better experience, but unfortunately - as no human can be perfect - we've made a small mistake that deleted all uploaded files (attachments, avatars, download entries...) in the process. We had backups set up on the server, but those silently failed due to connection issues as we forgot to set up a system to notify us when the backup process fails, so the last usable backup of the files we were able to use was from march 2018.

Due to the circumstances it seemed easier for us to get all our planned changes done at once on a new web presence and start from a fresh point. We decided to use the new web adress "", we had previously purchased, for this. This also helps us underline our position as the main german Trainz community.

Well... and here we are now, on our new website

The last one and a half month we worked on creating a fresh design and get our other planned changes done to make our site as enjoyable as possible. We hope you like it :)

Furthermore, we are also going to be active on Facebook to bring you all news from the world of Trainz, alongside with our Youtube channel that we already introduced earlier to present new and interesting content for the game and help you with tutorials.

The old TrainzDepot will remain active under the known web adress as an archive, but all files uploaded after March 2018 have been lost. Therefore we ask all authors who have uploaded content to our filebase that has got lost to re-upload their creations to the filebase on our new website here so that they are available again.
If you have the game and are able to, please check if everything works as expected in TRS19 as well as in the older version.

Levi990e has joined our team in the process as well, he will mostly help us with our social media accounts.

We hope you have a lot of fun on our new site

Your Trainz.DE - Team

ChWerwick, Levi990e, Mika & Sebastian

  • Hallo Basti,

    Ja schön das es hier weiter geht! Die Seite sieht gut aus und man findet sich auch gut zurecht. Daumen hoch und vielen Dank dafür das und was ihr hier leistet!!!

  • Auch ganz ganz lieben Dank, das Ihr nicht aufgegeben habt.

    Ich freue mich sehr die neue Seite kennen zulernen. Sieht sehr schön aus.

    Auf eine schöne Zeit hier im Forum!

    LG Basti

  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser gelungenen Seite. Und vielen Dank für euer Durchhaltevermögen.

    Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg und pannenfreies Arbeiten.

    LG Jan