Trainz News - 08/03/2019

Soon for all users who have subscribed to the gold membership (a paid beta/Early Access we've explained here) access to the first beta will be available. Besides the features that were mentioned earlier, this weeks newsletter mentions a new camera system for the first beta. The new camera system supposedly unifies camera control between surveyor and driver mode and adds some new cameras.

Furthermore, developement continues on the next mobile versions of Trainz coming again for iOS and Android later this year. However, no further details about the next mobile versions are known yet.

Using the subscription system, everyone who has not had a subscription yet can get a free FCT for one month. After that the subscription will remain once dollar cheaper if you subscribe now compared to the normal price. (However, when using it longer than three months its still cheaper to just buy a 180 or 365 day FCT outright over the normal store)

To make use of this, please follow the link in your newsletter leading to führt.