Changes in the upload process to the download area

As some of you may have already observed, we changed the process of submitting new content to our download area.

Content uploaded now has to be reviewed by a member of the team before being made available. This is to ensure that all uploads comply with our terms and conditions but also that all uploads appear in a unified scheme.

In order to being made available, a download must have:

- a thumbnail image

- a larger preview image in the description which may be a higher res version of the thumbnail

- a detailled description telling about the content, its features, things to keep in mind

- contained and required kuids (and where to get them)

When submitting a download, a form that just has to be filled out should automatically appear in the description editor. An example of this can be seen here.

Downloads that do not fulfill these requirements will be held back by us. We can manually add missing screenshots, contained and required kuids, but note that this can take some time. You can significantly speed up the process of your new content being published by filling the form out correctly. We will try to unlock new files as fast as possible but please bear in mind that all of us only do this in their freetime without recieving payment, thus some longer wait times for a file to be unlocked are possible.

Your Trainz.DE-Team