New content for your Trainz game

Bored? How about some new content?

Since the last week, new free content is out on the DLS that you should defently give a try then!

For everyone intersted in building and operating US railroads, a lot of the freeware content from is now available on the DLS as well. That means that this content is finally usable in multiplayer, but also has been updated to work without issues in Trainz 12, T:ANE and TRS19. Heres a list of the available new locomotives, but obviously much more (Objects, Splines, Wagons...) is available if you have a look for it

Speaking of Trainz 12, many of the build in assets from the game are now (finally, it took some time...) fixed to run without issues in T:ANE and TRS19 by a few nice volunteers and are now available for download from the DLS. This should fix some missing dependencies we had when content depended on the builtin things from Trainz 12 and make some routes available for multiplayer again.

Besides older content, a lot has happened in the world of routes as well. If you need a place to try out the new Jointed Rail rolling stock, MSGSapper has upgraded his "The Loops" (<kuid:439337:104190>) to TRS19 standards:

Another great playground for American rolling stock is Dave Snows Cotton Belt Route (<kuid2:101046:105058:1>,<kuid2:101046:105057:1>) , which comes with a session with plenty of AI traffic. We recommend that you replace the tracks and some textures with the bulk replace function in the editor for an even better TRS19 feeling:

Prefer Europe? No worries, we got you covered.

If you'd like to start off a bit slower, have a look at Market District (<kuid:458053:104057>,<kuid:458053:104103>) by the french author vincentrh:

Or do higher speeds and longer trains suit your taste?

A beta version (V0.8) of the Central Europe you can watch being built in our forum is now available on the DLS for you to try out and enjoy: <kuid:517519:100463>,<kuid:517519:100464>

We hope you have as much fun with the new content as we do

Your Trainz.DE-Team