We need to talk - copyright

Ever since I took over TrainzDepot, copyright has been a topic that couldn't be avoided.

Some people simply don't care, others don't realize that a violation of it can have serious consequences.

A conversation with a (former) site owner colleague, who had to be liable because of a corresponding violation by a user - and as a consequence had to close the site completely - now makes me address this topic again.

Please make sure to upload only your own content or content that you have explicit permission to distribute.

Be it photos of the real railroad (in the mentioned example it was about such), textures or even your avatar or a signature graphic. Please use only your own works or works that you are allowed to use.

Of course, this also applies to protected logos, so please be careful, especially outside the railroad area.

Of course I also want to mention the uploading of Trainz content or only parts of it, be it textures or scripts - these are also subject to copyright.

Please understand that we will remove copyright violations immediately in the future and sanction them accordingly in case of recurrence at the latest.

Also, we will be revising the Terms of Service again in this regard, so don't be surprised if you have to agree to these again in the next few days.

I ask you to change your profile pictures, signatures and posts if you have used other people's work without permission.

It should be clear from your posts (especially photographs) that your own work is being shown or that you have permission to upload it.

In case of a warning or a lawsuit, the violator (i.e. the user) is liable in the first place. If this is not to be determined, the side operator (thus I) must be responsible, with which for me then the further operating of this side would represent no more option.

I would like to thank all users who always keep to the rights and laws and thus make it possible for me to run Trainz.de at all!

About the Author

Ich bin schon mit der Eisenbahn aufgewachsen und habe früher schon mit Loksim (nicht 3D) herumexperimentiert, bis ich um 2001 zu Trainz fand.

Ich bin schon relativ früh zu Trainz gekommen und habe mit der Ur-Trainz - Version herumexperimentiert.

Intensiv beschäftigt habe ich mich dann ab TRS 2004 mit Trainz. Um 2003 bot sich mir die Gelegenheit, das TrainzDepot von scara zu übernehmen, woraufhin ich zusagte.

Seitdem betreibe ich mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung des Teams das TrainzDepot bzw. nun Trainz.DE

Sebastian Administrator