Trainz Store Halloween Sale

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So, some assets can be purchase on sale.

You need an example?

:backhand_index_pointing_right: "Pro Train ICE 4 Collection" for just 75% of its MSRP or "PKP Bdhpumn 004" for just 50% of its MSRP. :backhand_index_pointing_left:

To remember:




If you want to purchase!

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Platziert Bäume, Zäune, aber keine Träume.

Hat Pläne, die selbst TRS2022 in die Knie ziehen.

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  • UPDATE: pricing has changed:

    TRS2019 Patinum Edition for 69,99USD

    TRS2019 Standard Edition for 49,99USD

    TRS2022 for 48,99USD

    DLCs are normal price (MSRP)