Central Europe TRS19 v0.98 Beta 1.0.0

This is temporary route upload because of broken road network assets on the DLS.

Vorschaubild / Thumbnail

Beschreibung / Description

This is temporary route upload because of broken road network assets on the DLS. These broken assets prevent the upload of the route to the DLS. N3V is looking into the problem.

v0.98 Beta introduces new country - Hungary, with it´s capital city of Budapest.

This update also extends the Slovak main line to the city of Žilina. The Czech main line now extends to Brno, which is still work in progress.

Please note that this route is still in development and in the process of fixing with TRS19 standarts. So some of the areas may be incomplete or look bad.

This route is a mix of work of 5 people:

-laurinlaki (Germany)

-RichardBosnak (Slovakia, Hungary)

-yuz6099 (Austria, Czechia)

-TheBrandtK (Denmark, Germany)

-Ziut (Poland)

This is a fictional model of several Central Europe countries, but real data is used in some ways.

If you have any ideas or problems, contact me on the trainz.de forums or email: rikinob.rb@gmail.com

This route has no 3rd party kuids (except the broken roads for now). If you have unknown dependencies, please ensure that you have downloaded all the DLS kuids and try to install all default TRS19 route packs (Sebino Lake, ECML Edinburgh-Dundee, Canadian Rocky Mountains Golden BC, Kickstarter County 2, Niddertalbahn TRS19, Cornish Mainline and Branches TRS19). Again, this route doesn't use any payware or 3rd party kuids, all assets are either from DLS or from freeware N3V route packs.


If any other edits of this routes are released on 3rd party websites, RichardBosnak and Yuz6099 take all credits for original route and will upload the edit to the DLS if deemed appropriate. If edit is released on the DLS, you have to credit RichardBosnak or Yuz6099 in description.

If you do not comply, we will pursue legal action if necessary.

Funktionen / Features

4 countries - WIP
Industries, Passenger Stations

37 stations / cities and villages

Enthaltene KUIDs / Included KUIDs

<kuid:622685:102502> Central Europe TRS19 v0.98 Beta

Benötigte Inhalte & KUIDs / Required contents & KUIDs

All base game routes:

Sebino Lake
ECML Edinburgh-Dundee
Canadian Rocky Mountains Golden BC

Kickstarter County 2
Niddertalbahn TRS19
Cornish Mainline and Branches TRS19

  • I would like to play with this map under 2012!!! Nice, Budapest?

    • This route is only for TRS19. It would be too much work to port it into TS12. TS12 is also not stable enough to handle this route due to the amount of details. Most of the assets used are not even available in T:ANE, let alone TS12.

      The thumbnail is from Budapest, yes.

      Sad 1
    • I see. Okay.

  • Thanks for uploading

    I did a short testdrive von Zilina to Trencin and back

    just some thinks i figured out

    - The jcunctions in Zilina are pretty tight

    - Speedlimits are Missing (but you probably know)

    - I have some performance issuses in the Valley where the old and nee track seperate

    Thanks 1
    • I know, I kinda ran out of space in that station. I know the junctions in Bratislava are sharp too. At the moment I won´t do anything about it, however I might fix it in the future.

    • Somehow only part of my text was shown, I edited it

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