ZSSKC 131 025-9 + 026-7 1.0.0

Freight electric loco

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Beschreibung / Description

Please read this manual before operating.

To be able to move:

1. Open loco properties

2. Tick "Main switch" checkbox

3. Raise pantographs (Num 1 or from cab)

4. Wait until compressor shuts down

5. Switch reverser

You are now ready to move.

Always reset controls in cab before you change them.

Important: don't place locomotive in QuickDrive and Edit Vehicles (Driver) mode! This will not initialize loco scripts.

Cab controls:

1. reverser (F,0,B)
2. throttle controller (+;+1;X;-1;-)
3. vigilance button
4. EDB swtich
5. independant brake
6. brake lever
7. sand lever
8. headlight lever
9. panto lever
10. gauge lights switch
11. wipers lever
12. ammeters
13. MIRER (computer)
14. MIREL (safety device)
15. MIREL (safety device)
16. manometers

Brake lever operation:
S - fast increasing of the pressure in brake cylinders
P - slow increasing of the pressure in brake cylinders
Z - lap
O - release
J - initial
B - service braking
R - emergency

If you brake with cab brake lever, EDB engages automatically when you reach 50 kPa in BC and disengages when braking is done.

Device 13 (MIRER) shows current throttle position, speed limit, current speed and time.
Device 14 (MIREL) shows current speed + marks speed restriction with LEDs
Device 15 (MIREL) shows next signal + vigilance light, also it shows next speed limit.

None of those devices affect locomotive steering, they just show values.

If you have vigilance mode enabled, you have to confirm it with buttons 3 (or just press Alt + ~ keys on the keyboard) every time blue light disappears or sound signal starts.
To turn off vigilance mode, open locomotive properties and remove the tick from "Vigilance mode" checkbox.

Locomotive now has tow mode. That means you can tow it with another locomotive. To enable this mode, open loco properties and tick "Tow mode" checkbox. When towing is done, don't forget to reomve tick from this checkbox.

Known bugs:
1. Various sound bugs (may be caused by game engine)
2. Text effects in cab don't appear (game bug)
3. Rounding error in speed limit values (for example, 159 km/h instead of 160)
4. Automatic EDB doesn't turn off after end of braking (rest throttle and turn it off manually)
5. Driver model doesn't change its' position (game bug)
6. Various bugs with brake pressure during the low FPS (probably game bug)
7. If light meshes don't appear, open loco properties and choose them manually or press "Autosetting"

Enthaltene KUIDs / Included KUIDs

  • <kuid2:517519:1310267:2>, <kuid2:517519:1310259:2>

Benötigte Inhalte & KUIDs / Required contents & KUIDs

  • <kuid2:506034:100026:1>,<kuid2:517519:1146:1>,<kuid2:517519:13166:2>,<kuid2:517519:100838:1>,<kuid2:517519:131110:1>,<kuid:388413:372005>,<kuid2:517519:2422405:2>,<kuid2:517519:133:1>,<kuid2:517519:135:1>,<kuid2:517519:136:1>,<kuid2:404575:1870201004:11>,<kuid2:404575:1870104017:10>,<kuid2:404575:1870104018:10>,<kuid2:517519:13151:1>,<kuid2:517519:1145:1>,<kuid2:517519:1148:1>,<kuid2:506034:456860:1>,<kuid2:506034:456862:1>,<kuid2:506034:456877:1>,<kuid2:517519:2402421:2>,<kuid2:517519:134:1>,<kuid2:46162:55163085:2> (DLS)