DB WGüe 822.4 (A-IX) 1.0.0

WGüe 822.4 series special coach owned by West German Railways DB.

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Beschreibung / Description

WGüe 822.4 series special salon coach owned by West German Railways DB. This coach was manufactured in 1935 by Lilpop, Rau & Loewenstein factory in Warsaw for Polish State Railways PKP as 2/3rd class coach of BChuxz series no 11 283. In 1939 the coach got interned in Yugoslavia and later converted into a salon coach. In 1941 the coach was taken over by German Railways DRB, and after 1945 was inherited by DB as a salon coach, remaining in service until 1980.

Funktionen / Features



-Animated doors

-Steam Heating (manual)

-Front pathway covers (manual)

-Physics on/off

Enthaltene KUIDs / Included KUIDs

<kuid:173943:100620> DB WGue 822.4 A-IX st.Karlsruhe

Benötigte Inhalte & KUIDs / Required contents & KUIDs

<kuid2:173943:900043:2> Gorlitz III Leicht bogey

<kuid2:367236:10220:1> 120A bogsound

<kuid2:438004:60004:1> Latarnia KP v1

<kuid2:438004:21001:1> latarnia KP v1 corona

<kuid2:438004:60003:1> Tarczka KP v1

<kuid:-3:11061> Passengers

<kuid:-25:42> PL_wagon P