Central Europe Mini - Base Session Pack 1.0.0

16 ranked fully scripted sessions for Central Europe Mini.

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Beschreibung / Description

This file contains 16 ranked, fully scripted sessions for Central Europe Mini. These sessions range from shunting operations to international expresses. Some sessions combine few aspects to deliver better experience.

Funktionen / Features

16 ranked/scored sessions.

Enthaltene KUIDs / Included KUIDs

Passenger Sessions:

<kuid:622685:103748> CEM - ZSSK Os 5495

<kuid:622685:103749> CEM - ZSSK Os 5496

<kuid:622685:103876> CEM - ČD Os 4226

<kuid2:622685:103871:1> CEM - Arriva Os 8264

<kuid:622685:103868> CEM - RegioJet EC 655

<kuid:622685:103866> CEM - PKP RME 22267

<kuid:622685:103864> CEM - KolejeSlanskie RPE 22243

Freight Sessions:

<kuid:622685:103880> CEM - ZSSKC Pn44311

<kuid2:622685:103745:1> CEM - ZSSKC NEx 42558

<kuid:622685:103762> CEM - PSŽ NEx 49331

<kuid:622685:103874> CEM - Budamar Pn 46231

<kuid:622685:103755> CEM - ČDC Pn55899

<kuid:622685:103759> CEM - ČDC Pn45900

<kuid:622685:103872> CEM - AlzaCargo NEx 41685

<kuid:622685:103752> CEM - PKPC TKS 223831

<kuid:622685:103757> CEM - PKPC TAE 223678

Benötigte Inhalte & KUIDs / Required contents & KUIDs

TRS19 SP5 (or newer)

Compatible with:

TRS19 Standard

TRS19 Platinum

TRS19 Silver Membership

TRS19 Gold Membership

TRS22 (requires "TRS19 Standard" content)

Not Compatible:




<kuid2:622685:103929:11> Central Europe Mini

Third Party:


  • mir fehlen bei der Route für diese Aufgaben noch folgende kuid




    Die Aufgaben funktionieren alle einwandfrei.


    nach Installation der Sebino Lake Map (Payware) waren es schon mal 2 weniger.

    • The assets you have listed are not part of the route nor sessions according to the information my game is showing. Most likely these kuids come from a DLC that you have installed previously, but uninstalled since.

    • i have the Route from the downloadstation


      all kuid are only missing in the route (kuid2:622685:103929:13)

      Trainzkuidindex hat geholfen, nun fehlen nur noch 2.

  • The more I play these sessions, the more I like both the route and sessions. Exceptionally well done. Thank you.

  • Amazing, thank you! Velka vdaka.

  • I miss Hungary from it!