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    I saw this trailer in November. Honestly I wasn't so hyped at this project, Unity engine doesn't really makes sense for such a game and dispatching idea seems to be ripped straight from Train Driver 2. The authors (at least for me) promise too much, keep in mind SimKol isn't a big studio nor gamemaker. You may even ask why am I so negative about this project: answer is obvious, the project has so many issues and flaws at its beginning.

    The game itself:

    Concept is... Well it isn't very original since as I said everything seems to look like upgraded Train Driver 2 simulator. In my opinion, the game connects two simulators into one big game, the simulators are TD2 and MaSZyna EU07. Graphics are fine (I could've said even worse lol); night's good but the day (from the screenshots, not trailer) looks very weird. I've also tried to find a connection to TRS2019/Trainz series. Firstly I thought it was graphics, but the answer came to me itself: it's terrain editor and custom content creation. Well it's another promise. But if they do add it, Trainz, Maszyna and TD2 are going to have another rival, at least in the polish rail simulation community.

    Rolling stock:

    All the locomotives/trains I've seen (except BR52/Ty2) were originally dedicated for Trainz. I know that some people from polish Trainz community take a part in this project, but I think they will replace it with new locomotives etc. But if they don't, I will find it absolutely unacceptable because of their lack of details and optimatisation. Let's take as an example EN63 EMU (visible in the trailer) made by one polish author (You all know who it is anyways), after quick inspection the model is completely unoptimised (LOD0: 43k tri, 54 drawcall counts(!), LOD1: 22k tri, 39 drawcall counts(!) and yes two LODs only) and if they keep it like that, the lazyness will hit its peak for SR21 authors.


    Ah Silesia... Land of difficulties and tortures for its recreators. Location is very good, Silesia is the place where tracks are everywhere: 1435mm, 785mm and 550mm. There always has to be a "but": as I said, Silesia is a very hard place to recreate, amount of dedicated objects, buildings (even catenary parts!) is huge. The authors promise 500km of routes, honestly it made me laugh. The second issue is that they are also going to recreate Silesia in the 1980s which I personally call "kamikaze move". Why? Since 80s, lots of mines and factories disappeared, same with train routes, stations and posts. In the internet there are no photos of certain objects/places or even if the photos exist they aren't in a great quality. There also archives, but we'll see how it turns out in the future, but at some point I am sure they are going to abandon this idea.

    My criticism about other stuff:

    I am going to point out the issues.

    - reusing objects from Trainz, which are very lowpoly.

    - no plans shown to people: I still don't know what cities are included in this whole project. Authors mention very realistic physics but how trains behave? We don't know.

    - promises only, no facts (just like 500km of routes, custom content and terrain editor)

    - screenshots from the game are shown on private site owned by one polish trainz content creator and PlayWay's discord server which is laughable

    - publisher is PlayWay, so don't expect anything good from it

    - trailer looks more like a render made in a 3D software rather than an actual game

    - I know authors won't show anything to people but showing the same places with different graphics settings (I dont even know their cords etc.!) is boring

    - another project: SimBus and as we know from life doing two big projects at the same time will always end with a failure.

    - the hype over the game becomes very toxic towards people from Trainz, Maszyna and TD2 scenes.


    Lately, polish publisher and gamemaker CD Projekt RED released CP2077. Lots of controversies appeared after the release and the final product wasn't really final. I expect the same for this game. Lots of promises = lose. I also dont expect the buildings to be high quality, same with trains and routes But we'll see what future tells.

    That's all I have to say.


    P.S If I messed up something, please tell me. :)

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  • Kleine Zwischenfrage an all diejenigen,

    - die nicht nur mit Trainz unterwegs sind.

    - (beruflich) richtig Eisenbahn fahren.

    • Habt Ihr es geschafft, die Tutorial-Strecke ohne Zwangsbremsung zu fahren?
    • Habt Ihr das Problem wie ich, dass bei mir das SiFa-Signal kommt, wenn überhaupt und synchron die Zwangsbremsung eingeleitet wird?
    • Liegt es an meiner Hardware (Soundkarte), der Simulation oder ist es in der Realität genau so?


    Früher war nicht alles besser.

    Es war nur unsere Zeit, unsere Kindheit und Jugend.

  • - (beruflich) richtig Eisenbahn fahren.

    Habt Ihr es geschafft, die Tutorial-Strecke ohne Zwangsbremsung zu fahren?

    Welche DB Realstrecke ist denn die Tutorialstrecke? :wacko:

    LG Frank