Trainz Model Railway - The Simplon Orient Express

  • Hello Everyone,

    Ever since I saw the 2017 Murder on the Orient Express, I became in love with everything CIWL.

    About a year ago, I started with a model railway that covers the journey from Paris to Istanbul.

    On this thread I shall post my progress of the route that I shall make in the future.

    The current main stations that the OE shall pass are Gare du Nord, Gare Dijon-Ville, Lausanne, Zagreb, Sofia and Istanbul.

    There shall also be some smaller stations on the way, so if you wanted to do a regular international run, that would also be possible.

    This is what the map looks like in its current state.

    Let's start at Paris, Gare du Nord.

    Since Gare du Nord is the only Paris station that I have, it's the only one I can use.

    If someone in the future made a Gare de l'Est station, I shall replace my current Gare du Nord with de l'Est.

    Here you can see most of my CIWL reskins + Locomotives that I have made.

    The following trains that you see are

    - Venice Simplon Orient Express with NS 1202 and SNCF 241p30 in VSOE livery.

    - Pullman Orient Express with a French S 3/6 or SNCF 231A in POE livery.

    - Simplon Orient Express 1925 with a ETAT 231

    - Simplon Orient Express 1930s with a black S 3/6

    - Night Ferry with an LMS 2P

    - A CIWL consist of a cut-out paper train my friend showed me


    Lets continue down the line towards Gare Dijon-Ville.

    For now, the Eiffel Tower is placed to, but a Sacré-Cœur model would be much better.

    A few months ago I showed this route on a French trainz forum and a person was kind enough to give me a Sacré-Cœur model for blender. All I have to do now is import it into trainz and then this will be more accurate to real life.

    Here we can see Gare Dijon-Ville.

    It's not done yet, but we are getting there.

    We are now headed for the Swiss Alps!

    This bridge is the border for Switzerland and France.

    If you look closely, you can see the flags on each end of the bridge.

    Welcome to Lausanne and its Alps.

    I also put this narrow gauge Pullman line here.

    The idea is that this train will loop around the bridge.

    The view of this place is truly stunning.

    Here are some close-ups from Lausanne.


  • The tunnel that we see here needs to represent the Simplon tunnel.

    This is also the border for Italy.

    This is the other end of the tunnel.

    This over here is the small town and station of Iselle which comes right after the Simplon Tunnel.

    Going through the door or tunnel will get you to the other room.

    The track will then border Croatia and make its way for Zagreb.

    The rest over here is mostly still work on progress.

    Here is the border from Croatia to Bulgaria.

    The track will lead to Sofia Central Station.

    Over here is the border from Bulgaria to Turkey.

    The following track will be the last stretch before you reach the SOE end destination, Istanbul.

    This Istanbul is inspired by the 2017 Murder On The Orient Express movie, real life and my own imagination.

    For the station, I used Keleti station of Budapest, which of course is definitely not accurate.

    My reason for this is because I absolutely love the look of this station, and when done right can really have the feel of the 2017 MOTOE Istanbul station.

  • There are 2 more things that I can show you

    Let's begin with the backside of the model railway/the model train workshop and yard.

    This track from Dijon...

    And this track near Istanbul...

    Lead to this area.

    Now lastly but certainly not least.

    This lovely little Jouef table.

    That's all for now, folks!

    I hope you liked seeing the screenshots of The Simplon Orient Express Model Railway.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Everyone!

    It has been a while.

    I want to show a comparison of progress that I made on this route.

    Let's start in Paris and end with Constantinople.


    Before - Gare du Nord

    What it became

    What it is now


    Before - Paris

    What it became

    What it is now


    Before - Dijon

    What it became

    What it is now


    Before - France Fields

    What it is now


    Before - Alps

    What it became

    What it is now


    Before - Zagreb / Zidani Most

    What it became

    What it is now


    Before - Brod

    What it is now


    Before - Sofia / Murder on the Orient Express [2017]

    What it is now

  • Hello There everyone,

    It has been a long time since I have posted A update for the route.

    The layout is in its final stages, where I am going over and checking dependencies to put these in a list, so people can download them easily.

    I am in need of your help.

    For the few dependancies that I shall put below, I cannot seem to find its origin (meaning where the asset came from and from what site).

    If any of you all know where to find these dependancies, please post them below so I can put them in my deps list.

    - <kuid:1776:300046> MRR: HO Wood Stairs

    - <kuid2:185550:38134:1> PL 1V Sout rembarde

    - <kuid2:294053:2052:1> Pont tournant 27 m

    - <kuid2:294053:2003:1> Rotonde type P V0 module extrémité droit

    - <kuid2:294053:2001:1> Rotonde type P V0 module extrémité gauche

    - <kuid2:294053:2002:1> Rotonde type P V0 module intermédiaire

    - <kuid2:185550:38118:1> Rail invisible 3m

    - <kuid:458053:101729> RD29 accommodation ladder

    - <kuid:458053:101749> RD29 house with beige suhtters

    - <kuid:455946:5461> RD29 Citroen HY

    - <kuid:455946:2515> RD29 cloche annonce

    - <kuid:458053:101715> RD29 house personnal1

    - <kuid:455946:2216> RD29 lampadaire bois simple

    - <kuid:455946:2256> RD29 portillon2 SNCF ouvert

    - <kuid:458053:101735> RD29 postern kit

    - <kuid2:455946:1915:1> RD29 rails en tas

    - <kuid:455946:2140> RD29 remorque agricole1

    - <kuid:455946:2226> RD29 rotonde appenti 20m

    - <kuid:443028:2147> Roubario - CITROEN type H Rocquefort

    - <kuid:443028:3215> ROUBIARO panneau pour gare SNCF BASE JP GUYADER

    - <kuid:443028:3052> Roubiaro SNCF fourgon Poste

    - <kuid:132233:1356> SNCF heurt beton VI Au C

    - <kuid2:132233:680:1> SNCF levier I a crans

    - <kuid:132233:1226> SNCF Rail HD Au VI 0P rouille

    - <kuid2:132233:1039:1> SNCF Voie HD Br VI 0P

    - <kuid2:132233:1041:1> SNCF Voie HD Br VI 0P rouille

    - <kuid:132233:1870> SNCF wag K50 HD 4

    - <kuid2:132233:1621:1> SNCF wag Roos56 B

    - <kuid2:185550:38212:1> Voie TANE Bois Ballast Brun

    - <kuid2:185550:38208:1> Voie TANE Bois Ballast Gris

    Now for the pictures.

    Here is my latest overview of the entire layout in TRS19. Enjoy!