Start Stop motor on Diesel and Electric locos.

  • I have checked BR V100 and found it interesting for implementing my start stop script.

    However, I need to contact the creator René Stambke for permission.

    So, does anyone know how to get in touch with him?

    I can not find any license in his config file, so is it OK to modify the script and

    then announce the loco as Freeware?

    Please, can anyone help me.


    Ich habe BR V100 überprüft und fand es interessant für die Implementierung meines Start-Stopp-Skripts.

    Allerdings muss ich den Urheber René Stambke um Erlaubnis bitten.

    Also, weiß jemand, wie man ihn erreichen kann?

    Ich kann keine Lizenz in seiner Konfigurationsdatei finden, also ist es in Ordnung, das Skript zu ändern und dann die Lok als Freeware anmelden?

    Bitte, kann mir jemand helfen.

  • Hello vovven47,

    If there is no way to reach Rene Stambke to get a permission approved by him, the only way left is: just do it! -- Because, if Rene Stambke does not want it, he or an authorized person will already get in touch.

    By the way, some time ago I had received permission from him to convert his tender to a snowplug.

    This snowplow is now exiting on my plate....



  • Install start/stop motor on another V100 by yourself.

    NOTE. You must have downloaded BR V100 Start Stop.

    It should not be so difficult.

    I myself tested it out on BR V100 SLG.

    Follow steps below:

    1. Clone the BR V100 you want to modify.

    2. From existing "V100 Start Stop" loco copy folders "sound" and "driverCharacter" to corresponding positions in the cloned one.

    3. Open folder "dr_br110_art" for the cloned loco.

    4. Inside the folder you copy file "dr_br110_art_icon.tga" giving the copied file name "v100.tga".

    5. From existing "V100 Start Stop" loco open folder "dr_br110_body"

    6. Inside the folder you copy the file "" to corresponding folder for the cloned one.

    7. From existing "V100 Start Stop" loco copy file "v100d.gse" to corresponding position in the cloned one.

    8. Remove file "" in the cloned loco.

    Now time for the cloned config file:

    1. Change "username" content to a new name. Myself I have added a "start stop" in the end of the name or whatever.

    2. Change "interior" content to <kuid2:448495:50558:1>

    3. Change "enginesound" content to <kuid2:448495:50140:1>

    4. After parameter "hornsound" you insert the line "pantograph <kuid2:448495:65008:1>"

    5. Change "script" content to ""

    6. Change "class" content to "V100D"

    7. Change "trainz-build" content to 3.5

    8. Under "thumbnails" change image "DR_BR110_art/DR_BR110_art_icon.tga" to image "DR_BR110_art/v100.tga"

    9. Copy all of soundscript{ } from your existing "V100 Start Stop" loco to your cloned config file.

    10. Before shadow{ } param in your cloned loco you insert



    mesh "dr_br110_body/"

    auto-create 1


    11. Remove driver{ } params and replace with this:



    mesh "drivercharacter/"

    anim "drivercharacter/tchm_body.kin"

    att-parent "lok"

    att "a.drivera"

    auto-create 1




    mesh "drivercharacter/"

    anim "drivercharacter/tchm_body.kin"

    att-parent "lok"

    att "a.driverb"

    auto-create 1


    12. Before extensions { } insert:



    attachment "a.smoke0"

    mode "speed"

    color 20,20,20,100

    rate 15

    velocity 3

    lifetime 2

    minsize 0.1

    maxsize 2


    13. In the kuid{ } table (end of config file) do below kuid changes and insertion:

    1 <kuid2:448495:50140:1>

    3 <kuid2:448495:50558:1>

    pantog <kuid2:448495:65008:1>

    This should be all.........