Swiss Railways

  • I am pleased to announce a co-operation between myself and Swiss content creator Shanemoritz.

    He is going to be making new content with PBR materials, but he was getting requests about his old content, most of which was not on the DLS but on a website that has now gone.

    It is too much for him to concentrate on new models and get his old models up-to-date for the DLS so I volunteered my services, I am not afraid of tackling the problems caused by trying to update older models, I like Swiss content and I like a challenge plus it's something I've been doing for a while now.

    Initially there are no repaints, the colours are 99% original with just a few alterations of brightness and window opacity.

    I have concentrated on making the textures suitable for use in TANE SP4 and TRS19, (not PBR) and getting the config file corrected for v3.7.

    I used the tool IM Editor to make changes to the texture type.

    The first batch is now live on the DLS and in CM.

    This week there are 16 coaches, 2 Electric units and 3 steam locos, all of RhB 1000mm gauge stock.

    RhB Info

    Compilation 1

    Compilation 2

    RhB G 4-5

    EMTS RhB B 2271 Coach With Balcony Ends <KUID:166065:109410>

    EMTS RhB B2247 Historic coach <KUID:166065:109406>

    EMTS RhB Restaurant Car WR 3813, Early <KUID:166065:109404>

    EMTS RhB D 4051 Alpine Classic Baggage Car <KUID:166065:109370>

    EMTS RhB As 1161 Alpine Classic Pullman, 1000mm <KUID:166065:109369>

    EMTS RhB WS 3813 Alpine Classic Dining Car, 1000mm <KUID:166065:109368>

    EMTS RhB As 1141 Alpine Classic Pullman, 1000mm <KUID:166065:109367>

    EMTS RhB As 1141 Salonwagen, Green/White, 1000mm <KUID:166065:109359>

    EMTS RhB B2245 Historic coach <KUID:166065:109324>

    EMTS RhB C 151 Bernina Platform Coach <KUID:166065:109529>

    EMTS RhB ABe 4/4 I 34 <KUID:166065:109527>

    EMTS RhB ABe 4/4 I 30 <KUID:166065:109502>

    EMTS RhB D 4221 Baggage Car, Red <KUID:166065:109498>

    EMTS RhB D 2460 Baggage Car Green <KUID:166065:109493>

    EMTS RhB B 2231 Stahlwagen <KUID:166065:109487>

    EMTS RhB B 2227 Stahlwagen <KUID:166065:109483>

    EMTS RhB AB 1215 Stahlwagen <KUID:166065:109480>

    EMTS RhB A 1212 Stahlwagen <KUID:166065:109479>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 117 Steam Loco <KUID:166065:109456>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 Tender Nr 117 <KUID:166065:109455>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 Tender Nr 108 <KUID:166065:109452>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 108 Steam Loco <KUID:166065:109451>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 Tender Nr 107 <KUID:166065:109425>

    EMTS RhB G 4/5 107 Steam Loco <KUID:166065:109424>

    EMTS = EuroModellerTrainzSwitzerland

    So, between the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway update and the new Swiss Railway content plus other projects I have plenty to keep me busy, variety being the spice of life!

    Cheers and Stay Safe,