Screenshoots made in Poland

  • Zebra: AJS Zebra Spline

    My version of this kuid is obsolete. Newer version has <kuid2:122285:1169:3>. Probably downloadable from DLS.

    Kerb stone (polish name: 082: krawężnik biały).

    Here you are everything from category "road infrastructure".


    Well, i don't like any newer version of Trainz including also TS12. Well, i've played T:ANE for 20 minutes and then i uninstalled. Nope. Next attempt few months ago. Only 5 minuts. Unwise. I'm not satisfied with new graphic engine, improved shadow or anything else. It because the main reason is that i must repair just by myself a thousands of details and for what? A new graphic with new issues? PC requirements were too high, especially in compare with "The Witcher 3". Maybe with new SP is much better. But i don't care. I have i7-7700k + GTX 1070 + 32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz. In polish reality this is a very expensive PC-monster. If T:ANE works like a crap, i'm just treating it like a crap. Unwise.

    I still prefer TS2010. I spent nearly 13 years with Trainz. I've learned a lot of tricks with old Trainz versions. I don't get lie you that my screenshoots are edited in two programs, so in TS2010 it doesn't look so perfectly, but most improtant is that i'm just editing colors, contrast and adding few features. But i hope that most of you know that fact. If someone would like to see original version, of course i can also show. But i often delete old and unnecessary screens, so ask very quickly :).

    Well, last thing i would like to pay some attention for N3V Games. I know that i've fooled N3V Games and few my screenshoots represents T:ANE on official website. It's very ironic. But if i remember, none of N3V Games employee ask me about using my screenshoots. So i treat it like a kind of punishment for ignorance. And i think, this developer doesn't treat serious a lot of users. This is why the most polish contributors don't upload their stuff to DLS and cooperate with PTT (nowadays with TrainzArt cause PTT as a site is nearly dead). Even if i'm only a screenshooter, my screens in a certain sense were stolen. It's a little unfair, but i don't want to pick on it, cause of course, screenshoots aren't payware or any kind of something like that. But this is quite unpretty that's none ask me. Because he might be interessed that stuff weren't completely made on "best product" T:ANE. And that's major reason for non-paying for new Trainz version. N3V Games didn't reckon with polish team in my opinion.

    I do apologize if there's some "polglish" idioms. I rarely use my english.

    Thanks for appreciating my screenshoots. I'm glad that still someone is interested.

  • this post contains solely my own opinion as a Trainz player and content creator and not as a mod here

    First of all, noone has stolen your screenshots. I'm pretty sure that you have agreed to them being used on the Trainz website by uploading them to the forums or similar, which you must have done if you managed to get a "screenshot of the week". If you don't think you ever accepted any agreement like this you can message the Trainz support. They may be able to remove your screenshots from the website completely.

    Furthermore, Looking at your computer specifications, you would be able to run TRS19 on Ultra settings and enjoy graphics that are far beyond what Trainz 2010 can do.

    I mean, don't get me wrong. Your screenshots look good. They look extremely good for being made on Trainz 2010 in fact, almost as good as T:ANE if I turned shadows off completely. I understand that its hard to go away from what you have gotten used to all those years, but you can not judge a new game version after only 20 minutes of playing. You need to try around a bit longer than that to get the most potential out of a new gaming engine.

    The same goes for new content. With new game versions comes new content. Trainz 2019 can still use all kinds of stuff that was made over 10 years ago, but it will obviously not look as good anymore. But this is in itself a rarity already, most new game versions coming out these days have no compatability with stuff made more than 5 years ago.

    As someone standing on the outside, having talked to a few polish authors because of different reasons, the problem seems to me that many people in the polish community think this way. They seem to have never tried a new Trainz version longer than 20 minutes, found that they need to invest a few minutes to tweak their old content for the new version and instead kept on using the old. Because a lot of people are still using Trainz 2010 (and actively begging authors to at least make their new stuff downgradable to Trainz 2010. Thus, content is not progressing to the standards and capabilities of the new game version.

    I know someone who is currently working on a locomotive project for Trainz 2019 using all of the new features and its looking extremely good, but obviously will not be functional in Trainz 2010. He recieved various threats from polish community members about not making it for the old version.

    Again, this is only a part of the community. I know a lot of great polish authors like samplaire, zuit, rysztur, kilianziom... But the "grumpy" part of the community is the part of the community that is most noticable outside in other countries. And I think this behaviour of some people is why the polish community is not that well recieved/much cared about by many other Trainz communities around including N3V itself.

    I hope you understand that I'm not trying to convince you or something like that. Do whatever you like best, after all this is what Trainz is about!

    Just wanted to give you my opinions on this :)

    Greets, Mika

    Strecken- und Szenariobauer, Repainter, Skripter, Objektbauer, Moderator und Mädchen für alles...

    "It's always more fun to share with everyone" -Jack Johnson

  • Well, I'm not going to have an argue. But i would like to explain situation with screenshoots which promote TANE. In fact, i probably uploaded them only to Trainz Gallery, when this project has just started as a kind of experiment for me. It was very long ago, so i don't remember very clearly. Of course, they have a lot of permissions from my accepting EULA and any other statue (by installing Trainz or registering on Planet Auran), so i bear in my mind. But, I think it's a kind of good thing to just ask or inform. Just send an e-mail or private message. Then i don't mind and don't care. This situation is quite different and significant, cause we talk about screenshoots which promote new product. Newsletters or something like that - really, doesn't matter. But these screenshoots were made in TS2010, which is quite different product. They don't recognize or distinguish their own children? Or these screenshoots were going to show new customers what they could download and use in new product? I remember only that fact, my buddy - UAZownik - told me once that my screenshoots are visible on few pages. Probably few days after TANE was place on sale.

    Well, accusing somebody of stealing was maybe too strong words. But in fact - i still think it is good to tell somebody. Especially when N3V Games placed my screenshoots as an add, so i can also treat it as distinction. But without anyone knowledge... still pretty unfair.

    Well Mika, i didn't judge T:ANE after 20 minuts of playing. I've read opinions of other users, i saw many screens, installed T:ANE, patching, installing all of my content, started and then i concluded that is not something what i was waiting for. I prefer different kind of graphic engine. I'm really sorry. Trust me, that i'm waiting for something new and i can leave all of my habits from older version to just learn new. As you can see, my modified screenshoots are going to realize my own vision of Trainz. My idea of screenshoots is just to show everyone how railways can be beautiful, full of detail, interesting, surprising, astonishing and i'm going to be more and more realistic. I know that i've probably reached limits of TS2010. But i would like to have new Trainz that could realized my dream of perfect screenshoots. It's only because i couldn't saw this one majestic railways with steam engines, colorful cars and a lot of interesting railways like for an example - Sandbahn.

    Again, this is only a part of the community. I know a lot of great polish authors like samplaire, zuit, rysztur, kilianziom... But the "grumpy" part of the community is the part of the community that is most noticable outside in other countries. And I think this behaviour of some people is why the polish community is not that well recieved/much cared about by many other Trainz communities around including N3V itself.

    Well, you have right. We're very specific nation. It's very hard to explain everything and sometimes i think that is nearly impossible. Sometimes i think that i don't understand anything. Polish were very often get hurted and to be honest (very good advice especially for germans - sorry, but a lot of poles still hate germans) never discuss about it with other polish. I also feel a lot of anger about everything. Maybe I'm grumpy, but i know myself better than anyone and i suspect that is result of hatred of other poles. I finished school 3 years ago and through these 3 years i was in five jobs. And sometimes it was nearly impossible to work cause a lot of older employee was waiting for any my mistake. Zero empathy especially for someone new, cause sometimes i had only 100-200 PLN less payment than them. It's very miserable...

    Sorry for non-responding for other important threads. Well, i understand and agree with most charges. But trust me, i think i have a lot of my own reasons to not change Trainz version. Sometimes i talk and discuss with other authors - for example MarekSt, Qdaty, UAZownik, Adamstan or Kanclerz. And i know that one day TS2010 will be only a memory. But not today.