Rotate cabback attachment point on BR 146/BR 185/BR 186/BR 187/BR 189

  • Description of how to adjust repaints of CJ187 locos so that they can use the interactive Traxx cab correctly.
    With the early May 2022 update, the Traxx driver's cab from CJ187, which is used in Trainz in locomotives of the 146, 185, 186, 187 and 189 series, will be updated to the TRS19 standard and finally equipped with some interactive features.

    This new version requires a minor change to the locomotives and their repaints to make the rear cab usable in the game.

    Users of the .im editor only have to edit the .im file in the vehicle, which contains the attachment points for the vehicle. In the case of the CJ187 Traxx locomotives, this is in traxx/

    in the im Editor, the attachment point a.cabback must now have a rotation of 180.0°