Terms Of Use

  1. Legal

    Server location is Germany.
    Thus, German law applies on this website. This includes, among other things, that (child) pornography, right-wing extremism and the like are completely prohibited.
    Of course, copyright also applies. It is forbidden to embed or upload foreign works or parts of them in Trainz.DE without the express permission of the author. If the license of the work permits retransmission without express permission, the conditions of the license (for example attribution) must be observed.
  2. Language

    The mainly used language is german, for users who do not speak german, english is tolerated of course.
    It is used to write in case-sensitive sentences. Please do not use dialect language.
    There is an automatic correction function in modern browsers, furthermore the moderation will intervene if the written deviates strikingly from the common language.
    We have to keep in mind that in our forum, there are young and old people, Mutual respect is important to us all.
  3. No arguments - let's stay relaxed

    We want to prevent troublemakers from raising disputes and taunts here. Let's discuss here all together peacefully our hobby, please!
    Please do not tell any user publicly how he is behaving and what he may be doing wrong. Please do so by PRIVATE MESSAGES or INFORM THE RESPONSIBLE - there is also a REPORT FUNCTION in the Topic View. Please go dispute basically out of the way. We also ask you to refrain from threats, especially from the threat of legal remedies. We reserve the right to sanction users in the event of (repeated) negative attention by withdrawing functions up to blocking / deletion.
    In particular, personal trench wars are not tolerated.
  4. Deviations from the origin topic ("off-topic")

    Please stay for the sake of clarity on the topic, which was the starting point. If there should develop out a new line of discussion out of a thread, so you may like to create a new topic and link it to the original topic or refer to an existing topic.
    We also ask that you refrain from reprimands or speeches that do not contribute to the actual topic.
    If one believes that information could also be procured by oneself, then of course specific help can be given.
  5. "At first, the referee is right"

    We ask to accept instructions and decisions of the team without public discussion, comments and agreements to accept. We reserve the right to remove such contributions at any time. The team members like to receive criticism of the moderation via PM. Of course, we are willing to reconsider our instructions and decisions, provided that they are criticized in a solution-oriented and acceptable manner. We will not accept insults, degradations and / or implications in endless arguments - they can lead to exclusion from the forum.
  6. The inclusion of screenshots and pictures

    Attached as well as external screenshots are only allowed up to a size of 1024 KB (1 MB), it is important to make sure that screenshots are only as big as really necessary! Please keep in mind that not every user can use a fast internet connection or has to deal with a certain amount of data. It is forbidden to include or attach foreign files and images in any way that you are not the author or for which you have no permission to integrate.
  7. (Topic)headlines

    Headings, especially of forum topics should already have a clear reference to the content of the topic, also for reasons of later discovery (especially by others). Unfortunately, headlines such as "Help" or "Problem" do not help much.
    Creative headlines are of course welcome, in case of missing cover may like a statement (in parentheses) be attached in his headline.
  8. Signatures

    Each registered member is allowed to provide a signature in his profile. A size of the signature of four lines of text or graphics of a height of 100 pixels must not be exceeded. Depending on the dimensions of your own pictures, they can be arranged side by side or one above the other. Graphics may not be animated! Violations of these policies will be penalized with a signature lock.
    There are ways to provide information about, for example, the computer system in profile, here much more text is no problem.
  9. Multiple accounts (double accounts)

    It is not allowed to register at Trainz.DE more than once. We try to avoid double accounts, therefore e.g. all Internet Protocol addresses (short: IP addresses) are permanently stored and compared by the system. In addition, there are further checking mechanisms on multiple accounts. Especially in the case of an account suspension, it is forbidden to re-register. Exceptions: If two members share an Internet connection, then we would have to be informed about it. We will then take precautions - please just send a private message to a team member after registering.
  10. Multiple posts

    Multiple posts written in the same topic in a short time in a row (with no posts from other users in between) are not allowed.
    Between two consecutive contributions from the same user must be at least 24 hours. It is not necessary to constantly emphasize your own topic, here is some patience appropriate.
  11. Valid Email Address

    In order to join us, you have to register first, this requires a valid email address. In the course of the registration, the user receives an activation link via e-mail, which he then has to click once, so that the system recognizes that it is a valid e-mail address. This is necessary so that no automated services can go through the registry. Furthermore, no member must reveal his email address here in the forum. Everyone can set in the settings (see profile), that this is hidden, so that only the team can see the e-mail address. For safety reasons, unregistered visitors or search engine robots have no insight into the profiles of our users by default. A registration with disposable addresses is not permitted, corresponding user accounts will be blocked on discovery.
  12. Termination of membership

    According to current law, a user has the opportunity to terminate his membership at Trainz.DE. This can be done via Edit profile> Profile> User account or via contact via private message or e-mail with a team member. In the event of deletion of a user account, the associated person is prohibited for 12 months from registering again (especially under a new name) Trainz.DE.
    Exemptions are explicitly agreed with the team.
    Termination of the user account does not delete generated content (forum posts, attachments, downloads, gallery pictures, articles and other).

(Last update: Mar 2nd 2019, 11:36 pm)