TRS19 Regional Editions available

As many users gave the feedback that they don't like to pay a lot to recieve a lot of buildin routes that they aren't interested in, TRS19 can now be purchased in regional editions for a smaller price and a smaller amoutn of content. Each of those regional editions contains the Kickstarter County 2 route with associated trains and many of te PBR scenery assets for TRS19. Furthermore they contain:

EU Edition:

Sebino Lake

Niddertalbahn (including PBR cars by 3dZug)

UK Edition:

Edinburgh - Dundee

Cornish Mainline

US Edition:

Canadian Rocky Mountains (even though they aren't really in the United States...)

Jointed Rail Content Pack containing several locos and wagons updated for TRS19

For about 35€ these regional editions offer a cheaper entry for players mainly interested in a certain region or building their own route.

(For route builders not particuarly interested in the italian exclusive objects from Sebino Lake, the US edition with the Canadian Rocky Mountains route offers the best value for your money in terms of payware only versatile scenery assets)

But be careful, most routes have been and will continue to be built for the full version and as such may lack objects when played on a regional edition. You can purchase the remaining routes from the full version if you want, but this will be at quite a high price. So currently if you are interested in multiple region routes or just want a lot of scenery objects and rolling stock at your disposal, its cheaper to just buy the full version for about 63€.

Trainz is also now available as a boxed copy. If you already have a digital Trainz license you can order one here at shipping price. Unfortunately it is currently unknown how those boxes look like and wether they are a nice item to add to your Trainz collection or not :)