Reinforcement wanted!

As already mentioned elsewhere, we are currently looking for reinforcement for the team.

You might have noticed that the actuality and range of news on the homepage is rather limited, although there would be enough to report.

The reason is that some team members are no longer active, others are currently very busy due to work, school, family or similar.

For this reason we would be grateful if you would support us as a team member especially in the following areas:

Writing or proofreading of articles (especially news)

Graphic design, mainly graphics for the homepage, but not exclusively

Supervision of contests and forum games (especially the latter regularly fall asleep)

Checking and activation of content (e.g. downloads)

If support can be found here, support for translating content (especially news) on would also be conceivable, in order to inform about news in the Trainz area there as well.

Prerequisite for support is of course a sufficient amount of time, long-term motivation and a decent writing style.

If you are interested, please send me and/or another team member a PN and we will get back to you :)

About the Author

Ich bin schon mit der Eisenbahn aufgewachsen und habe früher schon mit Loksim (nicht 3D) herumexperimentiert, bis ich um 2001 zu Trainz fand.

Ich bin schon relativ früh zu Trainz gekommen und habe mit der Ur-Trainz - Version herumexperimentiert.

Intensiv beschäftigt habe ich mich dann ab TRS 2004 mit Trainz. Um 2003 bot sich mir die Gelegenheit, das TrainzDepot von scara zu übernehmen, woraufhin ich zusagte.

Seitdem betreibe ich mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung des Teams das TrainzDepot bzw. nun Trainz.DE

Sebastian Administrator