Central Europe MP Route Project

  • We have none of these on the route to begin with. We have no German signals on the route nor installed, because we don´t have Germany yet. We only got the Austrian OEBB signal system, but that is from someone else.

    I looked at what uses the DBsig library or is even tied with it. It came back to xBUe crossing assets. And since we never managed to make the crossings work in the first place, I just decided to get rid of them completely.

    I don´t have time or patience to try and figure this out after months of no sucess anymore. And now out of nowhere for no reason the DBsig message appears. Automatically I just decide to trash that kind of thing and move on to stuff I can actually make work and fix.

    Maybe in the future we will make custom assets for German and Austrian crossings and make them ATLS or TRC as those systems are easier to set-up and troubleshoot.